Scientific collaborations are more important than ever. They find solutions to major global problems and enhance economic productivity and competitiveness through innovation. By strengthening regional and global links in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), Australia can contribute to the development of solutions to global challenges and benefit from knowledge to solve challenges. More strategic and collaborative approaches to supporting science is required to inform and support collective action. With the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals framework providing a common language and organising principles, the appetite for science collaboration is growing.

The Australian Academy of Science works with a range of organisations in Australia and overseas to promote, support and encourage STEM. The importance of trustworthy and independent science cannot be overstated. We seek innovative collaborations with government bodies and organisations that share our commitment and aspirational goals to build strong, trusting partnerships for the long term.

Academy supporters may enable the delivery of independent, evidence-based and practical advice, programs and outreach. The broad work of the Academy may be supported, or a specific Academy program may be sponsored.

Collaborating with the Academy may positively contribute to the Academy supporting your organisation. This may include future-proofing your STEM workforce or a strategic action of your organisation’s goals regarding causes in support of the environment we live in, education systems or community awareness. It may also serve as a demonstration of your commitment to scientific issues of national and global significance—such as climate change, equity and diversity or international science engagement. Together, we can support science and drive system change.

We gratefully acknowledge the support from partners, sponsors and donors in various ways, including in Science Matters, the Academy’s annual publication to highlight the impact of collaborative partnerships and philanthropic giving.


Tracey Murray

Partnerships Manager


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