Glenn Wightwick

Sydney, NSW
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Innovation & Enterprise
University of Technology Sydney


Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering
Education - higher and vocationalInformation and communications technology

Fields of research

4601 Applied computing4602 Artificial intelligence4604 Cybersecurity and privacy4605 Data management and data science4606 Distributed computing and systems software4609 Information systems4612 Software engineering

Areas of application and cross-disciplinary research

Education Technologies and Technology Enhanced LearningDefence and Security including CyberSecuritySupercomputingBroadband (high capacity comms)Big data and analyticsMachine learning and artificial intelligenceIoTAutomation(national) Research agendaEducation and training (inc voc. ed.)Ethics and privacySystem resilience and robustness

Description of work

Computer science, networking, IoT, AI, machine learning, high-performance computing, systems design, information systems, security, data science

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COVID-19 Expert Database – ICS/ICT extension

The recovery from COVID-19 is not limited to immediate health challenges, but also the challenges created for the Australian economy and the cumulative impact on many aspects of society. Australia’s response will involve significant correction to existing approaches to policy and innovation as the country adapts and responds to new challenges and growth opportunities.

The instrumental role of digital technology in the road to recovery has been cemented by national and international initiatives, such as the contact tracing app, telehealth and digital health infrastructure, online educational platforms and many others. Expertise that can contribute to these areas spans a number of interconnected areas, such as artificial intelligence, image processing, pattern recognition, machine learning, data mining, control systems, computer science, telecommunications, cyber security, software engineering, robotics, cyber-physical systems, data science and engineering, information systems, human centered computing and interaction design.

The success of the National COVID-19 Expert Database has provided an opportunity augment the Expert Database to enable Australian ICS/ICT experts to be identified and contacted in an accessible and targeted manner.

This initiative is driven by the National Committee for Information and Communication Sciences and the recommendations of the 2019 report, Preparing for Australia’s Digital Future.

Image credit: UKM Elisabeth Deiters-Keul / Wikimedia / CC-BY-SA 3.0

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