Credits and thanks

Our partners

Nova wouldn’t exist without the very kind support of our partners, particularly the generous support of Telstra. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed or supported the site, including the staff and supporters of the Australian Academy of Science. The website was built in partnership with Melbourne company Webplace, which has done a fantastic job in bringing the site to life, and we thank them for their wonderful work. We are also greatly appreciative of the many Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science who have helped to review content and provide ideas for the website since its original form in 1997, as well as all the other scientific experts who generously provide their time and expertise. To everyone else who helps to make Nova a reality, including the talented team at Kurzgesagt, thank you! And if you’d like to get on board to contribute to the website, please contact us. We’re particularly interested in hearing from Australian scientists who might be interested in reviewing new topic content or answering questions from our readers.

Externally-sourced material

We greatly appreciate all the photographers, illustrators, video producers and other content creators from whom we source material. We couldn’t create such a vibrant website without you! We always endeavour to ensure that we only use material with the appropriate licensing and/or embedding arrangements, and that attribution is clearly visible. However, we’re not perfect, and we may make mistakes. If you’ve noticed that we have wrongfully used or attributed any material, please do let us know by contacting us.

Home page banners

We would like to give special thanks to those whose photos are used on the home page of the Nova website. Your fantastic photos give Nova its energy and impact. These photos rotate on a regular basis, and below is a list of those that we currently display on the site.