Andrei Lozzi

Dr Andrei Lozzi is a researcher and engineer specialising in motor research.

Dr Lozzi has worked in a variety of roles during his career. At Qantas he worked on the maintenance, design and repair of commercial aircraft. Whilst at the Australian Atomic Energy Commission he was responsible for the development of Standard Measurements of Radiation. During his time at the University of Sydney, Dr Lozzi developed specialized wind tunnels and shock tubes and carried out research on the reflections of shock waves. He also taught machine design and computer-aided design. At the NSW Department of Road Transport he carried out full size simulations of road crashes, examination of seatbelt joints, testing of child restraints and full size car-to-truck crashes.

Dr Lozzi has also undertaken research on farm machinery, non-circular gears, pattern recognition in manufacturing and use of finite element methods to simulate car-to-pole crashes.

Expert review

Death-defying designs for car safety

Death-defying designs for car safety
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