Judy-anne Osborn

Dr Judy-anne Osborn is a mathematician based at the University of Newcastle who works in combinatorial mathematics and mathematics education. She enjoys the beauty of mathematics, and creating visualisations that aid both discovery and intuitive understanding. Judy-anne’s mathematical training began in her school years with inspiring teachers, continued through undergraduate, honours and PhD at the University of Melbourne, as a postdoc in the Mathematical Sciences Institute at ANU and then Priority Centre CARMA (Computer Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications) at the University of Newcastle. Now in her continuing role Judy-anne still enjoys learning from and creatively working with colleagues. Judy-anne has a long-term interest in the notion of mathematics as an exploratory game. This notion influences both her research in combinatorics and her teaching. Judy-anne has led the Newcastle node of an OLT grant to improve the training of mathematics teachers, “Inspiring Mathematics and Science in Teacher Education”.

Expert review


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