Nicole Ryan

Nicole Ryan graduated with a Bachelor of Science and subsequent PhD from the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. Nicole is an NHMRC Post-Doctoral Research Fellow within the Clinical Toxicology Research Group led by world-renowned snake and spider researcher and toxicologist Professor Geoff Isbister at the University of Newcastle.

Nicole’s research focuses on snake and spider venom, their clinical effects on patients and subsequent effective treatment. Her current investigations look at the effects of early snake antivenom administration on irreversible and severe clinical effects such as muscle damage. She is also investigating alternate treatment such as repurposed analgesia for the severe pain that can result from red back spider bite as current treatments are only slightly effective in a small amount of patients. Nicole and the Clinical Toxicology Research Group’s hope to transform treatment for snake and spider envenomation both within Australia and internationally.

Expert review

Venom: the painful truth

Venom: the painful truth
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