Vanessa Moss

Vanessa Moss is a postdoctoral researcher in astronomy, working at the University of Sydney as part of CAASTRO: ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics. Her research uses the innovative Australian SKA Pathfinder radio telescope to study hydrogen fuel in galaxies billions of light years away, and she specialises in visualising, analysing and interacting with large datasets using novel approaches. She is keenly involved in science communication, education and outreach, is a guide lecturer at Sydney Observatory and helps run the CAASTRO In The Classroom education initiative. She completed her PhD as a co-supervised student of the University of Sydney and CSIRO, studying the Milky Way as an example of a galactic ecosystem dominated by outflow, infall and circulation.

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Is Earth safe from asteroids and comets?

Is Earth safe from asteroids and comets?
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