‘Frozen zoo’ could be endangered species’ best hope for survival

A look at the work of the San Diego Zoo, which freezes the genetic material of endangered species. 

Video source: Wochit News / YouTube.

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Whenever an endangered animal dies at the San Diego Zoo researchers race out regardless of the hour to remove its firm or eggs may be a bit of ear or eyeball and carefully freeze the cells in liquid nitrogen. Today the survival of the northern white rhinoceros and dozens of other species could hinge on the collection gathered over nearly forty years, that has become the largest gene bank of its kind. It’s called the frozen zoo. The recent death of a white rhino has officials concerned.

SAN DIEGO ZOO REPRESENTATIVE: The loss of the animal in Kenya over the weekend is a huge loss for the species. Obviously we’re down to six northern white rhinos total in in the world.

The ICU vials may someday even be used in experiments to resurrect recently extinct animals. The stainless steel tanks hold the genetic material of more than 10,000 individual animals for more than 1,000 species and subspecies.

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