Professor Adrian Baddeley

Professor Adrian Baddeley

Adrian Baddeley

Elected in 2000

Short citation at year of election

Professor Baddeley has done outstanding work in the difficult area of statistical image analysis, and has solved a variety of important practical problems using mathematical methods. In particular, he has developed important new techniques for estimating surface area from sections. His work on anisotropic sampling design has broken the mould of previous theory, and led to further new developments by leading researchers in the field. He has introduced ways of measuring "error'' in image reconstruction or image transmission, and contributed to a wide range of other areas of spatial probability and statistics, from point processes and random sets to object recognition, sampling theory for stereology, censoring and edge effects, integral geometry, and, very recently, development of an exceptionally innovative spatial version of the Kaplan-Meier estimator in the context of spatial survival analysis.

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