Professor C N R Rao

Professor C N R Rao

C N R Rao

Elected in 2015

Professor Rao is one of the foremost world leaders in the area of solid state and materials chemistry. Rao is considered by many to be one of the founders of materials chemistry and he has contributed widely to the subject for more than five decades. The areas to which he has contributed are transition metal oxides, superconductivity, Colossal magnetoresistance, multiferroics, nanocarbons and their analogues, specially nanotubes and layered materials.

Rao is an undisputed leader of science in India and has been a driving force for India-Australia cooperation in science. Rao played a leading role that led to the establishment in 2006 of Australia’s largest bilateral science and research fund, the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund, to foster a long-term scientific and technology partnership.

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