Professor Charles Norman Watson-Munro

Charles Norman Watson-Munro, OBE, DSc, FAA

Charles Norman Watson-Munro

Elected in 1968

Short citation at year of election

Professor C. N. Watson-Munro has been closely associated with the newer developments in physics over the past twenty years. In radar during the early years of the war he energetically led the team that developed the first 10 cm. operational microwave equipment in the Southern Hemisphere. In atomic energy he was largely responsible for the design and construction of the first reactors built in Canada and the United Kingdom. As the first Chief Scientist of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission he played a major role in the establishment of the Lucas Heights facilities including the reactor. 

In academic life he has been active in research as Professor of Physics in Wellington from 1951-54, and Professor of Plasma Physics in Sydney from 1960.

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