Professor Robert Lyndsay Sutherland

Robert Lyndsay Sutherland, AO, Phd, Hon DSc (Lincoln) FAA

Robert Lyndsay Sutherland

Elected in 2002

Short citation at year of election

Professor Sutherland has a most distinguished research record in the molecular and cellular biology of hormone dependent cancers and is widely recognised internationally for his pioneering work in understanding the mechanism of action of sex steroids and their antagonists in the control of cell cycle progression. His work on the molecular genetics of breast cancer and its close integration with fundamental studies on the control of breast cell proliferation and differentiation has been a major contribution to the rapidly developing insight into the aetiology of human breast cancer. His research on elucidating the novel mechanism of action of estrogen antagonists has substantially underpinned the development of important therapies in the area of women's health. 

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