reSolve team

Dr Steve Thornton

Executive Director

Dr Steve Thornton is Executive Director of reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry. He has previously lectured in mathematics teacher education at the University of Oxford, the University of Canberra and Charles Darwin University. He has wide experience as a teacher of mathematics, as a researcher in mathematics education, as leader of a national professional development program for the Australian Mathematics Trust, and as a consultant and critical friend to numerous mathematics education projects.

Steve is a Life Member of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and has been awarded a B.H.Neumann medal for excellence in Australian mathematics education. He has written numerous journal articles and book chapters, and has presented keynote addresses and workshops at Australian and international mathematics education conferences.

Steve holds B.Sc. (Hons) and Grad. Dip. T. degrees from the University of Adelaide, and a Ph. D. from the Australian National University.

Emeritus Professor Peter Sullivan

Director of Professional Resources

Peter Sullivan is the Director of Professional Resources for reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry and an Emeritus Professor at Monash University. Peter has had a career that combines research into task design with the development of teacher support resources and classroom trialling. He was author of the Shape of the Australian Mathematics Curriculum, a paper commissioned by the National Curriculum Board to lay the foundation of the Australian curriculum. The theme was implications from research for curriculum. Subsequently he was appointed the “lead writer” for the development phases of the curriculum and has supported ongoing development of the documents, including consulting on the review being conducted in 2015. He was also the author of the Australian Education Review publication “Teaching mathematics: Using research-informed strategies” that has now been downloaded over 100,000 times from the ACER website. Peter holds BSc (Mon) MPhil (PNGUT), DPhil DipEd(Mon)

Emeritus Professor Kaye Stacey

Director of Classroom Resources

Emeritus Professor Kaye Stacey is the Director of Classroom Resources for reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry. She brings to this role her experience as a researcher in mathematics education, primary and secondary teacher educator, supervisor of graduate research and as an adviser to governments. Her doctoral thesis from the University of Oxford, UK, is in number theory. Professor Stacey has written many practically-oriented books and articles for mathematics teachers as well as many research articles. Her research interests centre on students’ mathematical thinking, the teaching of problem solving and the mathematics curriculum, particularly the challenges which are faced in adapting to the new technological environment. She was Foundation Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Melbourne and the Chair of the Mathematics Expert Group for the OECD’s 2012 PISA survey. Kaye was awarded a MERGA Career Research Medal and a Centenary Medal from the Australian government for outstanding services to mathematical education. Kaye holds BSc(Hons) UNSW MSc DPhil (Oxon) DipEd (Mon) FAustMS

Dr Tim Sealey

Project Manager

Tim Sealey is the Project Manager of reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry. He has previously worked as Director of Policy and Statistics with Universities Australia and as the Research Manager for Parent Engagement in Learning with Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY). He has wide experience as a researcher in education, and has a particular interest in survey design and mixed methods approaches to research. He has written numerous policy papers on education issues in Government and non-Government capacities, and has presented workshops and conference papers at Australian higher education conferences. Tim is passionate about student equity and inclusion and sees teaching reform as an important driver in reducing future inequality. Tim holds a B.A. (Hons) Flinders University of South Australia, and has recently submitted his Ph.D. on group task performance at the University of South Australia.

Kristen Tripet

Resource Writer

Resource writer Kristen is responsible for the development of materials for students and teachers that exemplify an inquiry approach to the teaching of mathematics from Foundation to year 10.

Kristen studied education at the University of New England and she worked as primary school teacher for ten years. Kristen then moved into consultancy, working as a mathematics education consultant with the NSW independent sector of schools. In this role, she delivered professional learning and ran projects to build teachers capacity in the teaching of maths from Foundation to Year 10. Kristen has also worked on state and national reference groups and advisory panels offering expert advice in mathematics education.

Kristen is currently completing her Doctor of Education in mathematics education.

Amy Lee

Administration Coordinator

Amy provides administrative support to the reSolve team. Amy has over 20 years of experience in Finance and Administration and project coordination roles. She has worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Barclays Bank in Singapore, and Multiple Sclerosis Australia . Her previous history with the Australian Academy of Science includes roles within the Payroll and Human Resources functions. Amy holds a Bachelor of Business degree and CPA qualifications.

Ruqiyah Patel

Technical Writer/Editor

Ruqiyah Patel is a Technical Writer/Editor for the reSolve team. Ruqiyah holds a BA (Anthropology) with First Class Honours for her thesis "'I'm just not a maths person!': exploring the categorisation, naturalisation and reification of mathematical power". She worked as a travelling science inquiry educator before joining reSolve and is currently pursuing graduate studies in mathematics.

Will Morony, former Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) retired in June 2018. Will was an integral part of the initial submission for funding and of the original reSolve team. We thank Will for his contribution to reSolve, for his work with the reSolve Champions, and for his leadership in Australian mathematics education more broadly.

Duncan Rayner

Director of Communications and Dissemination

Duncan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT), a position he commenced in June 2018. His responsibilities include developing partnerships with government agencies, universities, research institutes, schools and other organisations that advance maths education in Australia. In this context, he is working with the Australian Academy of Science on the Maths by Inquiry project.

Prior to joining AAMT, Duncan had an extensive career in education. Originally graduating in maths and physics (Hull University and Imperial College), he worked as a teacher for a period of time before taking up roles in Cambridge Assessment. The work for Cambridge brought him to Asia and then to Australia where he managed government relations and education partnerships in the region. In 2011, he brought his extensive travel commitments to an end and took up the role of General Manager for Science and Engineering at Flinders University until 2017. In the year before his work at AAMT, Duncan worked with a small team to start a new initiative called Graduate Projects, which places students on learning related industry and research projects. He aims to draw on his experience to encourage maths teaching to be more outwardly focused and inquiry based.

Matt Skoss

Manager of Engagement

Matt is an experienced classroom teacher, having taught for 29 years in junior and senior secondary settings. He has enjoyed several curriculum roles with a mathematics and ICT focus for the NT Department of Education, as well as extensive consultancy with metropolitan and remote schools across Australia. Most recently, he was the Maths/Science and Year Level Coordinator at Centralian Senior College in Alice Springs. He has been an active leader for the Mathematics Teachers’ Association of the NT, promoting STEM opportunities for students and teachers via mathematics enrichment and robotics camps. Matt has a strong belief in making mathematics accessible and highly visual to all students, using concrete manipulatives and digital tools when possible. He likes to make powerful, but incidental use of learning technologies and Web 2.0 tools to amplify student learning. Practical classroom ideas are available on his wiki. He tweets as @matt_skoss, mostly using the #lessonstarter hashtag.

In his role of Manager of Engagement with AAMT, Matt is linking with the mathematics education community to identify teachers and schools around Australia interested in trialling Mathematics by Inquiry lesson suites and offering feedback to the writing team. In a later phase of the project, he will be liaising with Outreach Officers from each mathematics association affiliated with AAMT and teachers identified as Mathematics by Inquiry ‘Champions,’ to engage with further trialling of lessons and supporting them to engage with the professional learning modules under development.

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