Curriculum resources

Science by Doing curriculum units are available online and are free for Australian teachers and students.

The units are based on the inquiry approach and provide plenty of practical and interactive activities to engage students. Each unit includes a Student Guide, Student Digital, Student e-Notebook and Teacher Guide.

To gain access to these exciting units, simply register on the Science by Doing website.

Scope and sequence

Below is the scope and sequence for the proposed Science by Doing units for Years 7-10.
Year 7 The Circle of Life Enough Water Fit for Drinking Science of Toys Earth and Space
Year 8 From Little Things Big Things Grow Rock, Paper, Scissors Energy Rock your World
Year 9 Ecosystems and Change Chemical Reactions Light, Sound, Action Big Systems
Year 10 Evolution and Heredity Chemical Patterns Motion and Energy Transfer Science Futures
Extra units Introduction to Science by Doing Doing Science Investigations

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