reSolve newsletter issue 6—November 2017

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A word from the Executive Director

One of the biggest challenges facing us as we develop the reSolve resources is how to design them for impact. 

The reSolve Champions Program

Champions are ‘spearheading a movement’ in their classroom, in their school, and beyond.

Classroom resources in focus

The Year 4 Algebraic Reasoning activity encourages students to develop generalisations about the properties of odd and even numbers.

Professional learning

There are now four professional learning modules available for trialling.

Special topic: Exploring functions

Trialling of one of the special topics showed that contextualised guided inquiry generates enthusiasm towards mathematics.

Welcome to our new staff

Meet the two new staff who have joined the reSolve team in Canberra.

Tim Sealy

reSolve project evaluation with dandolopartners

dandolopartners has been engaged to evaluate the design, implementation and impact of the reSolve initiative.

Tim Sealy

reSolve project statistics

More than 2000 educators from more than 1000 organisations are registered for reSolve.

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