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Publications produced by the Academy include the Academy’s Newsletter, the Questions and answers series, histories and biographies of scientists, educational resources for teachers, students and the public, reports on the state of Australian science now and recommendations for the future, and occasional publications.

The science of climate change: questions and answers

Decisions on how to respond to climate change should be made by society as a whole. This publication aims to contribute to the public understanding of the state of the science, to improve understanding and address confusion created by contradictory information. It explains the current situation in climate science, including where there is consensus in the scientific community and where uncertainties exist.

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The science of immunisation: questions and answers

This publication aims to enhance public understanding of how vaccination provides protection from infectious disease, and the underlying benefits and risks. It addresses confusion created by contradictory information on immunisation in the public domain, and explains current immunisation science, including where there is consensus and where uncertainties exist.

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Still no Mawson: Frank Stillwell's Antarctic diaries

At the age of just 23, Frank Stillwell travelled to Antarctica with Sir Douglas Mawson's historic expedition. The Academy is privileged to hold the diaries he wrote during that time: this publication brings to life his diaries, revealing everyday life in the men’s isolated hut in Antarctica, with near-poisonings and the tragedy of two deaths.