reSolve newsletter issue 2—November 2016

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A word from the Executive Director

Steve Thornton, Executive Director, speaks about the foundations of inquiry in education, and why it's important today.

Trialling reSolve material

An update on the success of our first classroom trials, and how you can become involved.

Role of Outreach Officers

See who your local reSolve contact is, and how they're involved in the lesson trialling process.

Professional learning resources

A summary of the professional learning modules being rolled out by Resolve: Mathematics by Inquiry

An update on classroom resources

We now have eight lesson sequences available for trialling in each of Years 5, 6, 7 and 8—find out more about them.

Where might an 'inquiry-based' mathematics lesson arise from?

See some of our examples of where students can be encouraged to explore problems and situations using mathematical inquiry.

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