Report: Strategic Directions for the Geographical Sciences


The National Committee for Geographical Sciences requests your input on the survey by Monday, 16 May 2016.

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The National Committee for Geographical sciences is preparing a report on strategic directions for the discipline The report aims to explain the contribution that geography can make to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Australians and Australia through research, education, training, expertise and community outreach. It will also identify any actions that would enhance these contributions. The report will be written for public and private sector decision makers, educational administrators, politicians, community organisations and the general public.

The report will have sections on:

  • Explaining geography
  • Reviews of geographical research that contribute to an understanding of the following areas : environmental change; land, water and food; health and well-being; the economy; the Asia-Pacific region; natural hazards; the cities; coasts; and GIS. The description of research in each of these areas will integrate the contributions of both physical and human geographers.
  • Geography in the universities
  • Geography in schools
  • Geography in the public societies
  • Proposals/recommendations on ways to enhance these contributions.

To assist in the preparation of this report, the National Committee is seeking input through the online survey. We welcome responses from university staff, graduate students, teachers, geographers working in the public or private sectors (such as planning, local government, environmental agencies, the spatial information sector and many other areas), employers and all people interested in the future of the discipline.


Please feel free to contact us if you have queries about the process in producing this report
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