IAP for Science

IAP for Science (formerly the IAP: global network of science academies) was launched in 1993 and includes 107 academies. Its primary objectives are to:

  • Provide high-quality, independent advice on science-related issues to government and society
  • Develop programs for scientific capacity building, science education, science communication and other science-related issues of global significance
  • Lead efforts to forge closer collaboration among science academies and other scientific institutions

IAP for Science is particularly interested in assisting young and small academies achieve these objectives and, through the communication links and networks created by IAP for Science activities, all academies will be able to raise their public profile among citizens and their influence among policy makers. The Academy was elected to the Executive Committee of the IAP for Science in 2016 and will serve until 2019.

IAP for Science Statements

IAP for Science produces statements on issues of fundamental importance to humanity. These statements are not only a reflection of the major issues that confront society but are also evidence of IAP for Science’s ongoing commitment to society.
The Academy has endorsed the following statements:

November 2017: Statement on Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction
December 2017: Statement on Climate Change and Education

More IAP for Science Statements can be found on their website.

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