Bioscience 2030: recommendations for future curriculum


Bioscience 2030: recommendations for future curriculum will develop a series of recommendations that adapt and optimise the national approach to teaching biosciences in ways that recognise and incorporate the new research environments and contexts. It will identify the future requirements of the biosciences and define the curriculum necessities and fundamental improvements that are needed so that the biosciences are taught in ways that meet these needs.

The National Committee for Biomedical Sciences is undertaking the preparation of this report in 2019-2020. To achieve this, the committee will leverage knowledge and expertise from key stakeholders, including the learned academies, universities and industry, nationally and internationally, to establish what these new contexts will be in 2030 and beyond. This collaborative and mutually supportive high-level overview is essential to inform and direct the transformation of our curriculum.

This page will be updated regularly as the report progresses.


If you have specific input or would like to engage with the committee please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the committee members familiar with your area of interest via the contact below:

Jirana Boontanjai (Science Projects Officer – National Committees for Science)

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