Professor Brian Schmidt addressing Astronomy Decadal Plan Town Hall Meeting
Professor Brian Schmidt Astronomy Decadal Plan Town Hall Meeting

The National Committee for Astronomy (NCA) aims to foster astronomy in Australia, to link the Academy to Australian astronomers and relevant scientific societies, and to serve as a link between Australian and overseas astronomers, primarily through the International Astronomical Union. The NCA conducts a strategic planning process every 10 years, allowing Australian astronomy to carry out a stocktake of its capabilities, assess its impact both nationally and internationally, provide a vision for the future, and set priorities and develop strategies for implementing that vision. The committee proposes and encourages activities in Australia to enhance the status of astronomy, in collaboration with the Astronomical Society of Australia, Astronomy Australia Limited and other professional and regional societies. It also supports planning for Australian involvement in current and future large-scale astronomical facilities.

The document New horizons: a decadal plan for Australian astronomy 2006-15 has been highly influential in presenting our vision to stakeholders outside the research sector, including our key stakeholder the Commonwealth Government, and industrial/research partners nationally and internationally. This plan concludes in 2015, and a focus of the NCA is development of the next plan for 2016-25.

See the website Australian astronomy decadal plan 2016-2025 for the latest news on the development of the 2016-25 plan.