APC Prosthetics

APC Prosthetics began in June 1998 and currently comprise an internationally recognised clinical team of specialists. The company provide benchmark services to the amputee community that are amongst the most modern and advanced worldwide. They work with a wide range of amputees, offering treatment plans for all activity levels from early post-operative management to specially designed prostheses for the Australian Paralympic team. 

As a leader in their field APC Prosthetics are committed to continuous learning, development, and application of the latest technologies and evidence based practice. Educating and informing their clients and the wider community about prosthetic management plans and new developments is an important part of their work.

This article was reviewed by APC staff Stefan Laux, Paul Nixon, Cameron Ward & Ian Robertson. Read more about the teams, who are based in Sydney & Hunter, and their areas of expertise, on the APC Prosthetics website.

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Bionic limbs

Bionic limbs
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