Keith Lovegrove

Dr Keith Lovegrove is the Head—Solar Thermal for the UK based renewable energy consulting group IT Power. He has 29 years of experience in solar thermal energy combined with 15 years of teaching experience in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in energy systems and systems engineering. He was previously the leader of the Solar Thermal Group at the Australian National University. In that role he was the lead inventor and design and construction team leader of the 500m2 (world’s largest) Generation II Big Dish solar concentrator. Keith was recognised with a 2009 Light Weight Structures Association of Australia Design Award and a 2011 citation from the Institute of Engineers Australia ACT Engineering Excellence awards. He has authored or co-authored more than 160 publications including 2 patents and 7 books, chapters and major public reports. Keith has been an invited/plenary speaker at 46 conferences/forums. Most recently he was the primary editor of the book “Concentrating Solar Power Technology” released in 2012 by Woodhead Publishing UK.

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Concentrating solar thermal

Concentrating solar thermal
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