Martin Cope

Martin Cope is a principal research scientist based in the Ocean and Atmosphere Flagship in CSIRO. He has worked in the area of air quality modelling and applications for over 30 years.

Areas of research in which Martin has been involved have included investigating the relationship between climate change and air quality; simulating the sources and sinks of particle formation in urban and rural environments; investigating the impact of alternative motor vehicle fuels on urban air quality and the burden of disease; investigating the relationship between intra-urban pollution sources, population exposure and health impacts and investigating the transport and production of secondary inorganic and organic aerosols.

Other research work has included the development and application of short–term air quality forecasting systems; linking the emissions of organic and inorganic air pollution precursors from natural and vegetated sources with urban and regional air quality; the development of methods for blending air quality observations and the output from regional air pollution models for epidemiological studies.

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Fighting for breath

Fighting for breath
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