Maureen Walczak

Maureen Walczak is a researcher at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University. She works on proxy records of past climate and geomagnetic behavior from marine sediment cores. She has sailed on more than 15 research expeditions on 10 different research vessels, including the International Ocean Discovery Program drill ship JOIDES Resolution. Prior to her current appointment, she was an ARC Super Science Fellow from 2011-2015 in the Research School of Earth Sciences at the Australian National University. 

Maureen is currently working on climate reconstructions from the sub-polar oceans during prehistoric warm periods. As part of her research she studies feedbacks between ice sheet/glacial behavior and other aspects of the environment such as ocean circulation, sea level, temperature, and rainfall. By understanding how glacial systems behaved in past warming climates, as well as the feedbacks between glaciers and other facets of the climate system, she hopes we can better make decisions about and prepare for the future.  

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Going back in time ... with mud

Going back in time ... with mud
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