Murray Parkinson

Murray Parkinson is the Consultancy and Development Manager in Space Weather Services section of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. His role is an administration-management-people role requiring a strong background in the hard sciences. He oversees a team of space weather scientists whose duties include staffing the Australian Space Forecast Centre, preparing consultancy reports for high-end customers, and completing applied research projects aiming to be better predict the impacts of space weather on technology. Prior to joining Space Weather Services, Murray worked as an ARC-funded Research Associate in Space Physics at La Trobe University. His research interests included the use of digital ionosondes and SuperDARN radars to study magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling. He has published over 50 papers in scientific journals and presented at numerous conferences. He has an MSc degree in applied astrophysics and a PhD in radar oceanography from the University of Queensland.

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Solar storms

Solar storms
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