Gordon Wallace

Professor Gordon Wallace is involved in the design and discovery of new materials for use in Health and Medical Technologies. This involves using new materials to develop biocommunications from the molecular to skeletal domains in order to improve human performance via medical Bionics. In the Energy area this involves use of new materials to transform and to store energy, including novel wearable and implantable energy systems for the use in Medical Bionics.

He is committed to the translation of fundamental discoveries into practical applications. He is a passionate communicator, dedicated to explaining scientific advances to all in the community from the lay person to the specialist.

Gordon was recently appointed to the Prime Ministers Knowledge Nation 100.

Gordon is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE), Institute of Physics, and Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).

He has published more than 800 refereed publications; a monograph (3rd Edition published in 2009) on Conductive Electroactive Polymers: Intelligent Polymer Systems and co-authored a monograph on Organic Bionics (published 2012). He has recently co-authored an eBook on 3D BioPrinting He led the presentation of a MOOC on 3D Bioprinting on the FutureLearn platform.

His other passions include Soccer, Australian Football League (Geelong Football Club) and Music.

Expert review

Printing the future: 3D bioprinters and their uses

Printing the future: 3D bioprinters and their uses
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