Gus Nathan

Professor Nathan is the founding Director of The University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology and recipient of a Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award from the Australian Research Council. He specialises in research supporting the development of innovative technology in concentrating solar thermal, combustion and gasification technologies, together with their hybrids. Gus is leader of Node 4 of the $62 million Australian Solar Thermal Research Initiative, which aims to lower the cost of solar fuels production by gasification and lead researcher for the $16 million ARENA funded project to introduce concentrating solar thermal into the Bayer Alumina process. He has published widely, with more than 140 publications in leading international journals, 200 in peer-review conferences and 10 patents.

Professor Nathan has worked closely with industry throughout his career, holding an industrial lectureship for 13 years and undertaking more than 50 consultancies.  His past technology developments include being principal leader of the Chief Design Team for the award winning fuel and combustion system for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Relay Torch and joint leadership of the development of low NOx combustion technology in rotary cement kilns. In the last 6 years he has specialised in the development of concentrating solar thermal hybrid technologies, both for power generation, fuels production and minerals processing, in which field he holds two patents.

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Concentrating solar thermal

Concentrating solar thermal
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