Professor Jillian Fiona Banfield

Professor Jillian Fiona Banfield

Jillian Fiona Banfield

Elected in 2015

Jillian Banfield is distinguished for her research on natural nanomaterials, including clays, microbiology and biogeochemical cycling in subsurface environments, bioremediation and the human microbiome. A key component of her microbiological research is the development and application of DNA sequencing-based methods to study organisms in the context of their natural communities.

Since 2001, Banfield has been based at the University of California in Berkeley, where she heads their geo-microbiology program. Banfield’s current research spans field sites in Northern California to Australia and from subjects including astrobiology and genomics/geosciences. Banfield was elected to membership of the National Academy of Science, USA (2006) and has received many awards and honours including, the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Earth and Environmental Science (2011).

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