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The Academy is an organisation of Australia's top research scientists, founded on 16 February 1954. Read more about our history, current and past presidents, our historic buildings, and the strategic plan behind our work.


The Academy is managed by a Council, led by an Executive Committee, and our Standing Committees assist Council to set policy and make decisions. Read more about our governance, including our Bye-Laws, Standing Orders, and annual and financial reports.

The Shine Dome

A Canberra landmark since its construction in 1959, the Shine Dome was the first Canberra building to be added to the National Heritage List.


The Academy's Secretariat work as a team to support activities undertaken by the Academy. Find out what positions are currently open.

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By making a donation to the Academy, you will join a distinguished group of Fellows and friends. Your support allows us to continue to champion Australian scientific excellence, build awareness and understanding of science, and provide independent scientific advice for the benefit of Australia and the world.

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