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  • Bushfires and our wildlife

    At least a billion native birds, mammals and reptiles have been lost due to the 2019/20 Australian bushfires. They're harder to count, but our insects, bats, fish and frogs have also been lost in vast numbers.

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  • Bushfires and thunderstorms

    Intense bushfires can cause violent fire-generated storms, with lightning and severe winds. How does this happen?

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  • Register for Catalysing Gender Equity 2020

    Register now for Catalysing Gender Equity 2020, a unique event that will enable people in STEM to strengthen collaborations, build new networks and share evidence-based best practice.

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  • Measles: are you protected?

    With measles outbreaks happening across the globe, the Australian Academy of Science is urging Australians heading overseas to make sure their measles vaccinations are up to date.

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  • At least a billion animals killed in bushfires
    Bushfires and our wildlife
  • Bushfires and thunderstorms
  • Catalysing Gender Equity 2020
    Register for Catalysing Gender Equity 2020
  • Are your measles vaccinations up to date?
    Measles: are you protected?

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