Professor Matthias Hentze

Professor Matthias Hentze

Matthias Hentze

Elected in 2016

Corresponding member

Short citation at year of election

Matthias Hentze is a world leading biomedical researcher and early pioneer of RNA research. His contributions to translational control, including IRE regulation of ferritin mRNAs, are now enshrined in all leading textbooks of biochemistry and molecular cell biology. His recent work, in collaboration with Australian scientists, has led to the discovery of hundreds of new RNA-binding proteins involved in gene regulation. These discoveries foreshadow a new phase in our understanding of genome functions and metabolism, with numerous biological processes affected by genomically transcribed RNAs that control the functions of existing proteins. In 2013, Hentze was appointed Director of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, one of the premier biology research centres in the world and an official strategic partner of Australian science. Australia was the first EMBL Associate Member state and the laboratories provide important training opportunities for Australian scientists. Hentze has received numerous prestigious research awards, including Germany’s highest research honour, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize (2000), and the Feodor Lynen Medal and Lecture (2015).

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