Celebrate Science

The iconic Shine Dome in Canberra is the home of the Australian Academy of Science, comprising Australia’s most distinguished scientists – 570 Fellows – who uphold excellence in the scientific enterprise so that science can be brought to the service of the nation.

In January 2020, a severe hailstorm damaged the iconic copper roof of the heritage-listed Shine Dome, home of the Australian Academy of Science. Fortunately, insurance covered the cost of replacing all the copper tiles.

A splendid new roof with 1888 custom-made new tiles is now in place. To mark this historical event, the Academy has established the Celebrate Science Campaign with the twin objectives of:

  • celebrating Australian scientists and their achievements
  • increasing the long-term endowment of the Academy, thereby strengthening the Academy’s independence and ability to offer scientific advice, comment, and education in the national interest.

To mark this occasion and to recognise the critical role scientists play, we ask that you celebrate science with us by dedicating a virtual copper roof tile to an Australian scientist who has made a significant contribution to science.

Your donation will help the Academy continue to play an essential role as an independent voice for Australian science.

How to dedicate your virtual copper tile to a scientist

For a donation of $1000 individuals, families, work colleagues and not-for-profit organisations may dedicate a tile in the name of one of the following.

  1. A scientist, who is (or was):
    • a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science (including Corresponding members) or
    • an Australian citizen or resident who contributed significantly to science or the application of science and technology to the Australian environment, or to social or economic development
  2. A team of scientists who made a significant contribution
  3. A primary or secondary school teacher who made an impact on a scientist’s career or has received a national award for science teaching.

Prospective donors should check the dedications on the campaign website to ensure that their proposed dedication has not already been made, and to view current dedications as a format guideline.

The Academy particularly supports diversity and inclusion. Dedications to scientists who may not have had their achievements recognised because of inequities or barriers and biases, including gender and cultural differences, are strongly encouraged. Read the Academy’s Diversity Strategic Statement.

Companies and other corporations involved with science and technology who wish to make a dedication are asked to contact the Academy’s Philanthropy Manager.

If the proposed dedication is to a living scientist, the donor should seek their consent. If the proposed dedication is to a deceased person the donor should check it, if possible, with the immediate family. This will ensure no unexpected complications.

A dedication can be up to 30 words and can include a link to a suitable reference or memoir.  Dedications are published on the Academy website once pledge wording is confirmed.

Where a donor provides a link to a website other than the Academy’s, the Academy does not guarantee functional links over the lifetime of the campaign. Please advise us if you discover an issue.

Tiles will be allocated by row starting at row 5.

Dedications are in perpetuity

Each virtual tile dedicated will require a donation of $1000, and donations are tax deductible. These donations support the valuable work of the Academy and donors can choose to be updated about Academy activities enabled by their donations via the Science Matters magazine and regular Academy newsletters.

You will receive your official receipt for your tax-deductible donation along with a graphic showing the location of your tile in a follow-up email once your dedication is approved.

Please feel free to contact our Philanthropy Manager on + 61 2 6201 9400 or philanthropy@science.org.au if you have any questions.

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