Policies and legal information

Disclosure register

Best practice requires that the Academy manages a conflict of interest policy. We maintain a register of interests for members of Council, as well as Fellows and experts engaged in Academy works and activities.

Privacy statement

Our privacy statement provides information on how we use your data as you browse and interact with the Academy website.

Code of conduct

The Code of conduct covers the Academy’s values, expectations and requirements regarding conduct, the policy principles on which the code and its implementation are based, and guidelines and procedures for responding to breaches of the code.

Online use policy

The online use policy applies to the use of our communication channels.

Website terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions include a disclaimer, copyright information, and other information about our website.

Competition terms and conditions

Our competition terms and conditions apply to our competitions, held occasionally and promoted through social media.

Returns policy

Please read this policy to ensure you are fully aware of your rights when purchasing our products.

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