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The Academy’s education programs have professional learning at their heart. We know teaching is a practice, not a transaction. We know that teachers strive to provide students with the best experiences, and that they have many demands on their time in and out of the classroom. We know that professional learning can better connected to a teacher’s day-to-day work, rather than an extra thing to do.

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Our work is focused on creating professional learning and teaching resources which are coherent and integrated, engaging you and your students in deep connected learning. Our work is evidence-based and is informed by research and evaluation. It provides rich, practical examples of effective pedagogical practice in action bringing the Australian Curriculum V9.0 to life.

Our team includes expert educators with an array of professional experience, diverse knowledge and skillsets, and a passion for working alongside teachers. We have worked in a variety of education settings, nationally and internationally, in primary and secondary schools, cultural institutions, research organisations and tertiary settings including initial teacher education and research. You can be confident using our contemporary and authoritative resources in your classroom, as they are grounded in current research and best practice.

What’s coming up?

New resources are being developed as part of our ‘Design for Learning’ approach. Featuring the latest in learning design and teaching strategies, these interactive resources integrate professional learning with illustrative teaching sequences. The professional learning embedded within the resources will enable you to develop your understanding of key ideas and pedagogical practices.

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