Climate change hub: Science and solutions

Action cannot be delayed any further. What Australia and the world does over the next decade will determine the short and long term consequences of climate change on our lives. Climate solutions will be science led. In the lead up to COP26 — the United Nations Climate Change Conference — explore the Australian Academy of Science’s work on climate science and solutions.

Academy’s position and advice on climate change

The science of climate change: Questions and answers

This publication from the Australian Academy of Science answers key questions about climate science, including where there is consensus in the scientific community and where uncertainties exist.

The risks to Australia of a 3°C warmer world

This report connects the observed impacts of climate change on Australia with the current global trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions to identify the risks that Australia faces from a changing climate.

Evidence briefs

The Academy has prepared a series of briefs synthesising the scientific evidence on the impact of bushfires on soil condition, wildlife recovery, ecosystems and human health.

Position statements

The Academy has released several other position statements related to climate change

Submissions to government

The Academy regularly provides input to the development or analysis of policy. This has included submissions to government processes related to climate change.

Climate change videos and articles

The Academy publishes a wide range of interesting videos and articles, including climate change information.


Why are massive ocean currents slowing down?


Australian agriculture and climate change: a two-way street

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Sector and Policy reports

The Academy publishes reports and strategies to build the information base about the whole science sector and specific disciplines, or that are about the importance of science to all Australians.

Reef Futures Roundtables Report

This report explores possible futures for the Great Barrier Reef, and identifies strategies and opportunities for the Reef ecosystem in the face of climate change.

Greenhouse Gas Removal Report

This report provides a summary of a roundtable discussion on the scientific capability, research and collaboration needed to support new breakthroughs in greenhouse gas removal.

A National Strategy for Just Adaptation

This report seeks to disrupt current climate adaptation thinking and foster recognition, inclusion and capacity building for all Peoples and nature.

Australian climate science capability review

This report characterises Australia’s climate science capability and identifies how it will meet demands for weather and climate knowledge.

The Academy’s international activities on climate change

The Academy’s international activities regarding climate change involve facilitating Australian participation in global earth systems research programs and related policy formation. For example, we are the Australian member of more than 30 international organisations that cover the breadth of science, many of which contribute to climate research and climate change mitigation.

InterAcademy Partnership (IAP)

Ahead of COP26, the IAP lays out the need for all countries to anticipate the critical risks associated with climate change, to recognise the transitions that this requires, and to carefully design, plan and accelerate implementation of actions to reach net zero by 2050 or earlier.

G7 Statement

Scientists from G7 nations outlined in three statements the pressing global issues that they believe the G7 states should urgently address: Creating a net zero climate resilient world, tackling biodiversity loss, and improving the use of data in pandemics.

S20 Statement

In 2020, the G20 Academies of Sciences called on leaders to support and to commit to 10 policy recommendations, including promoting circular design of materials and energy systems aimed at net zero carbon emission.

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Future Earth Australia

Future Earth Australia, based at the Australian Academy of Science, is a national initiative that enables Australian researchers, governments, industry, peak bodies and civil society to connect and collaborate on sustainability transitions. It is a national node in the global Future Earth network, which works under the auspices of the International Science Council. Much of its work includes consideration of climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation.

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National Committees for Science

The Academy has 22 National Committees for Science, each of which is widely representative of its discipline. Climate change features in the work of several committees, including those for Geographical Sciences; Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; and Earth Systems Science, which has produced the strategic plan ‘To live within Earth’s limits’ and held conferences on the topic of sustainability and climate change.

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