History of Australian science

Basser Library and Fenner Archives

The Basser Library and Fenner Archives date from the 1960s, and contain a wide variety of collections and books. The manuscript collections, in particular, contain unique and historically significant material.

Biographical memoirs

The memoirs of Fellows form a unique biographical collection of celebrated lives and important achievements.

Conversations with Australian scientists

For more than 20 years, the Academy has been interviewing leading Australian scientists about their lives, work, and how they've changed the world we live in. Interviews are published on this website as written transcripts.

Featured Fellows

Read about the fascinating lives and work of featured Fellows of the Academy.

Nobel Australians

Discover the Australians who have won Nobel Prizes, and read more about their fascinating work.

Historical Records of Australian Science

The Academy’s journal, Historical Records of Australian Science documents the history of science, pure and applied, in Australia and the southwest Pacific. It also features biographical memoirs of deceased Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science commissioned by the Council of the Academy, and includes an annual bibliography of the history of Australian science. It is published by CSIRO Publishing.

Frank Stillwell's Antarctic diaries 1911-13

The year 2012 was a centenary year for the 1911–14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition, and this book is a fitting celebration of Australia’s first scientific expedition to Antarctica. Frank Stillwell’s diaries reveal everyday life in the men’s isolated hut in Antarctica, with near-poisonings and the tragedy of two men’s deaths.

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