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Welcome to the Early- and Mid-Career Researcher Forum. This forum is run by and for all early- and mid-career researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Australia. Within this website you’ll find all manner of information and contacts to help you develop a career in and around STEM. Whether you are a recent PhD graduate in university research, based within the private sector, or making your contribution in Government, the EMCR Forum is here for you.


EMCR Forum kick-starts collaboration

The entire research sector is being encouraged to collaborate in order to drive innovation.

How can EMCRs, often at the coalface of such changes, form successful collaborations and thrive in this new environment?

Does our culture need to change if we are serious about driving innovation?

How can leaders in the sector foster a supportive environment for collaboration?

The EMCR Forum is excited to announce the launch of its latest project kick-starting collaboration, which addresses these issues and aims to put EMCRs at the forefront of decisions which are changing the future of the research landscape.

Kick-starting collaboration is a selection of resources and case studies aimed at promoting collaboration and understanding between the different sectors which make up the research and innovation environment in Australia. It includes:

  • resources for EMCRs and others working at universities, in industry, and within the research landscape outside these two
  • big ideas to spark collaboration
  • advice on how to achieve cultural changes which will support an innovative nation
  • case studies showcasing EMCRs successfully collaborating.

Check it out today or follow the conversation on Twitter using #kickstartcollab.

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