The operations of the Australian Academy of Science are overseen by a Council of 17 Fellows from across a range of disciplines who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Seven of these Fellows are elected as Officers with different areas of responsibility who act under delegations from Council to make and implement decisions on the routine business of the Academy.

The Academy was founded on 16 February 1954 by Australian Fellows of the Royal Society of London. It was granted a Royal Charter, establishing the Academy as an independent body with government endorsement. The Academy’s Constitution was modelled on that of the Royal Society of London. Today, the Academy remains an independent organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient status.

Standing Committees assist the Council to set policy and make decisions around specific areas of Academy activity, including awards, research conferences, development activities, and travelling fellowships.

The Academy’s annual reports outline its activities against its mission statement and strategic plan, focusing on its four main program areas with an underlying goal of operational excellence:

  • excellence and diversity in science
  • influential voice for science
  • scientific literacy
  • international engagement.

The Academy’s financial performance is overseen by a Finance Committee and is subjected to regular independent audits. Its operations are underpinned by a range of funding sources, including philanthropic income, sponsorships and partnerships, government grants, investment income, and the sale of publications and event tickets.

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