Celebrate science

The Shine Dome is a symbol of scientific endeavour and achievement in Australia.

At the heart of the Academy’s mission is our ambition to celebrate and support excellence in Australian science. Our Celebrate Science campaign provides the opportunity to recognise the outstanding contributions of Australian scientists and to honour their teachers and mentors.

Australia has a deep reservoir of talent in the sciences. It is this very talent, together with the Academy’s independence and convening power, that makes a difference when decisions are made on important issues such as responding to and managing pandemics, managing the transition to renewable energy, and providing first-rate health care—all the while supporting the Australian community to deal with rapid change. Senior decision-makers and the broader community need the backing of science as we navigate through predictable and unpredictable events.

Donors to the Academy play an important role in supporting excellent and innovative service to science in Australia. Donations support the capabilities needed to translate research into sound policy, help shape environments where scientists now, and those of the future can thrive, and enable the Academy to tap into and contribute to international scientific expertise.

Your donation will support the Academy’s independence and influence in furthering the scientific endeavour.

Donations are directed towards a wide range of priorities and projects, including:

  • creating and continuing opportunities for early and mid-career researchers to undertake significant and national research activities
  • building capabilities in the science sector especially in response to emerging and urgent scientific issues faced by our nation
  • preserving the history of science through digitising the Academy’s unique scientific archives
  • undertaking programs to educate the next generation in science
  • incubating seed programs.

Celebrate Science is a way for you to directly recognise scientific excellence and contribute to its progress in Australia, while forming a connection in perpetuity with the iconic heritage-listed Shine Dome

Donations can be made as a one-off gift of $1,000 or payable over two years and are fully tax-deductible. In providing your support, a scientist or science teacher can be recognised with a virtual named copper tile on the Shine Dome, with acknowledgement of supporters on our Celebrate Science honour roll.

We hope you will Celebrate Science with us.

Please contact the Philanthropy team on +61 2 6201 9460 or philanthropy@science.org.au to make your dedication today

Thank you

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