Bequest leaves lasting legacy of quality education

A bequest is a special gift; a wonderful opportunity to ensure that the Academy remains a part of the lives of future generations.

Professor David Craig’s bequest of $50 000 which, at his request was directed to Primary Connections, will directly support the publication of four new Student Science Journals for Year 5 students to be published in January 2017. These journals support each curriculum unit and allow students to record all their work for a unit, lesson by lesson. The journals become a valuable record for both students and teachers and are a key component of the inquiry-based teaching and learning model which underpins Primary Connections.

Student Science Journals years 5 and 6

New PrimaryConnections Student Science Journals for years 5 and 6 are currently being trialled and will be published in early 2017.

  • Each ready-made, Student Science Journal allows students to record all their work for each unit, lesson by lesson.
  • The journals support the teaching of the corresponding curriculum unit, and provide scaffolding to support students’ journalling while including opportunities for adding further notes and ideas. Guided questions are also included.
  • All resource sheets are included so teachers can assess students’ understanding throughout the unit. Students are also encouraged to evaluate their own progress and understanding.
  • The journals are produced in full colour with added illustrations to engage students. (Trial teachers report increased student motivation to record their thinking and to take greater pride in their work.)
  • Literacy skills are supported with a student appendix of literacy focuses which are cross-referenced throughout the text.
  • PrimaryConnections Student Science Journals will save teachers time and make classroom management easier. No more photocopying and handling of individual resource sheets

Professor Craig was a former Australian Academy of Science President and prominent Australian Chemist. The Australian Academy of Science acknowledges this valuable support in contributing to making Primary Connections a valuable part of science education in Australia.

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