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Since its creation by Royal Charter in 1954, gifts and legacies from Fellows and friends have helped the Australian Academy of Science to maintain a degree of financial independence.

Many of our core activities such as scientific meetings, advice to support policy development, publications, education, public awareness and outreach, international activities, awards and fellowships would not be possible without your support.

Support given through general donations is directly responsible for strengthening the Academy’s achievements. Each time you make a gift through our annual tax or special appeals, you help to make the Academy a vital, viable and visible presence in our region.

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Donor Honour Roll

We are deeply grateful to the following individuals and organisations for their extraordinary generosity. Our Academy Pillars have, over time, contributed an outstanding level of support to the Australian Academy of Science.

Academy Pillars

Donations of or valued at $500,000 +

In perpetuity

  • Sir Jack Ellerton Becker FAA
  • Estate of Thomas Lewis Davies
  • Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
  • FJ Fenner AC CMG MBE FAA FRS and Mrs Bobbie Fenner
  • Dr Margaret Middleton
  • The Royal Society (UK)—Theo Murphy (Australia) Fund
  • Estate of Ian Gordon Ross AO FAA
  • Estate of Miss JG Russell
  • Professor John Shine AC FAA
  • Telstra

The Australian Academy of Science acknowledges the support of donors who gave generously over the past 12 months. Their support plays a critical role in helping the Academy achieve its mission.

Presidents’ Circle

Donations of or valued at $100,000 – $499,999

  • Dr Maxwell Day AO FAA
  • Estate of the Late Professor John Newton FAA and Dr Silva Newton
  • Telstra Corporation

Science Circle

Donations of or valued at $20,000 – $99,999

  • Doug Hooley PSM
  • Dr Margaret R Middleton
  • Dr Anna Rickards
  • Professor David Solomon AC FAA FRS FTSE
  • Anonymous 1

Academy Supporters

Members of all other donor groups receive acknowledgement in the Academy's annual report and acknowledgement on the website, and receive regular donor updates and quarterly newsletters. The Academy is pleased to welcome donors into our giving programs, enabling us to thank and recognise them for their commitment in their giving.

Donations of or valued at $10,000 – $19,999

  • Selby Scientific Foundation
  • Anonymous 1

Friends of the Academy

Donations of or valued at $5,000 – $9,999

  • Professor M N Barber AO FAA FTSE
  • Professor Brian Kay AM FAA
  • Professor Xu-Jia Wang FAA

Academy Associates

Donations of or valued at $1,000 – $4,999

  • Professor Brian Anderson AC FAA FRS FTSE
  • Dr Alexis Berry
  • Dr John Chalmers AC FAA FRACP
  • Dr John Church FAA FTSE
  • Professor Suzanne Cory AC FAA FRS
  • Emeritus Professor Patrick De Deckker AM FAA HonGSL
  • Professor Min Gu FAA FTSE
  • Dr Brian H Kay AM FAA
  • Professor John McKenzie FAA
  • Professor Fred Mendelsohn AO FAA
  • Dr Rana Munns FAA
  • Professor Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE FAA FRS FTSE and Lady Lyn Nossal
  • Mrs Verna Symons

Donors $500 – $999

  • Professor James Angus AO FAA
  • Professor Martin A Bennett AO FAA
  • Mr Nicholas Benson
  • Professor David H Green AM FAA FRS
  • Mr Ian Hardy
  • Professor R P Harvey FAA
  • Dr Hal Hatch AM FAA FRS
  • Professor B Holloway AO FAA FTSE
  • Emeritus Professor J Lance AO CBE FAA
  • Professor Bruce McKellar FAA
  • Dr Laurence Mound
  • Professor Ole Warnaar FAA
  • Dr John Zillman AO FAA FTSE
  • Anonymous 1

Donors up to $499

  • Mrs Elizabeth Allen
  • Professor Michael P Alpers AO CSM FAA FRS FTWAS
  • Ms Cynthia Anderson
  • Dr Cyril Appleby FAA
  • Emeritus Professor Hans Bachor AM FAA FOSA
  • Dr Keith Boardman AO FAA FRS FTSE
  • Susanna Bourke
  • Professor Henry Burger AO FAA FRACP
  • Ms Maria Califa
  • Robin Cayzer
  • Mr David Cecil
  • Khaled Chakli
  • Jun Chen
  • Professor Matthew Colless FAA
  • Ms Alice Cordy
  • Dr Peter Coyne
  • Teresa Crowley
  • Professor Bob Dewar FAA
  • Ms Robyn Diamond
  • Mr Christopher Warren
  • Associate Professor Jane Elith FAA
  • Karen Fildes
  • Kerry Forman
  • Ms Karen Gair
  • Professor David Giles
  • Professor Karl Glazebrook FAA
  • Dr Denis Goodrum
  • Dr Alana Grech
  • Ms Isobel Griffin
  • Mr Martin Halloran
  • Dr Lara Herrero
  • Ms Julie Herring
  • Professor Andrew Holmes AC PresAA FRS FTSE
  • Professor Patrick Holt FAA
  • Ms Janet Jeffs
  • Mrs Janis Johnson
  • Professor Lisa Kewley FAA
  • Kotesh Khandala
  • Professor Alec Lazenby AO
  • Ms Helen Longdon
  • Mr Troy Longworth
  • Cody Luke
  • Mr Scott Mackie
  • Dr Claire Manson
  • Mrs Maria Mason
  • Mr Clark McCallum
  • Ms Julie McDougall
  • Ms Melanie Melano
  • Jintra Nitwan
  • Ms Carolyn O’Brien
  • Alia Papageorgiou
  • Dr John Passioura FAA
  • Professor M Paterson FAA
  • Professor David Pegg FAA CorrFRSE
  • Professor Harry Poulos AM FAA FTSE
  • Lauren Rose Power
  • Professor Cheryl Praeger AM FAA
  • Dr Simone Richer
  • Professor Sarah Robertson FAA
  • Dr Libby Robin
  • Ms Margaret Robinson
  • Mrs K M Rodda
  • Ms Suzanne Rumon
  • Professor Lois Salamonsen FAA
  • Professor Frances Separovic FAA
  • Dr Justine Shaw
  • Mr Oliver Simonetti
  • Professor David Smyth FAA
  • Ms Melissa Straffon
  • Mr Chenglei Sun
  • Dave A Sutton
  • Ms Helen Swift
  • Mr Jason Talbot
  • Professor San Thang FAA FTSE
  • Mr Warren Thomas
  • Mr Salim Vhora
  • Professor Susanne von Caemmerer FAA FRS
  • Professor G Wake FAA
  • Mr Matthew Walsh
  • Dr Caiyun Wang
  • Professor Robin Warren AC FAA Nobel Laureate
  • Mr Peter White
  • Professor Jim S Williams AM FAA
  • Associate Professor Kerrie Wilson
  • Mrs D Alleyne Womersley
  • Professor Nick Wormald FAA
  • Anonymous 6

NOTE: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. We sincerely apologise if any error or omission has occurred. If you notice an error or omission please notify Academy of Science on 02 6201 9400.

All donations will be acknowledged for a period of twelve months. This list will be updated quarterly. Last updated 11 December 2017.

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