2017 summer programs for graduate and PhD students

EAPSI attendees have opportunities to explore Australia’s history and natural environment, as well as conduct research with host institutions.

The Academy has collaborated with the US National Science Foundation (NSF) since 2004 to organise the East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) program for US graduate students.

The program enables US science and engineering graduate students to visit Australia for eight weeks during the American summer, to undertake research and build relationships with their Australian counterparts. It is co-funded by NSF and the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

This year, the Academy is welcoming 21 EAPSI Fellows to Australia in June.

The Academy looks forward to welcoming:

EAPSI Fellow Home institution Australian host researcher Host institution
Holly Andrews University of California Professor Elise Pendall Western Sydney University
Lauren Bates Florida Institute of Technology Dr Rommel Mathias Monash University
Elizabeth Bevan University of Alabama at Birmingham Associate Professor Mark Hamann James Cook University
Amber Datta University of Montana Associate Professor Lorrae van Kerkhoff Australian National University
Giovanni DeLuca Georgia Institute of Technology Professor Udo Bach Monash University
Ethan Fulwood Duke University Associate Professor Alistair Evans Monash University
Joseph Gunther City University of New York Professor John Roberts University of New South Wales
Kristen Hunter Harvard University Professor Terry Speed FAA FRS Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Charles Katerba University of Montana Associate Professor Stephan Tillmann University of Sydney
Anna Kreutz University of California, Davis Professor Linda Richards FAA University of Queensland
Emily Leiner University of Wisconsin, Madison Dr Dennis Stello University of New South Wales
Stephen Madamba City University of New York Graduate Center Professor Michael Ryan Monash University
Daniel Marchant University of Florida Associate Professor Zhonghua Chen Western Sydney University
Tamara Marcus University of New Hampshire Professor Gene Tyson University of Queensland
Douglas Meisenheimer Oregon State University Associate Professor Adrian Sheppard Australian National University
Hennessy Miller University of Arizona Dr Scott Wilkinson CSIRO
Jerome Nash Purdue University Associate Professor Patrick Spicer University of New South Wales
Jonathan Nations Louisiana State University Dr Kevin Rowe Museum Victoria
Crystal Noel University of California, Berkeley Professor Trevor Hambley FAA University of Sydney
Charles Stillwell North Carolina State University Professor Tim Fletcher University of Melbourne
Rebecca Walker University of California, Davis Dr Ying Ping Wang CSIRO

The students will conduct a research project in their host institutions following an orientation program in Canberra, including a series of lectures and site visits to cultural institutions. To learn more about the experiences of past EAPSI Fellows, read their research reports or watch their videos on YouTube.


This year, the EAPSI program will coincide with the Brazil PhD student exchange program. This program ran as a pilot in 2016 and, as a result of the pilot’s success, was funded for an additional two years by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

I would like to thank you all for the opportunity and for making the difference in my personal life, my career and in science in general. That is exactly what the world needs!2016 participant in the Brazil program pilot

Similar to the EAPSI program, the aims of the Brazil PhD student exchange program are to provide Brazilian second- or third-year PhD students with research experience in Australia, orientation to the Australian culture, and an introduction to the science and research infrastructure of Australia.

The Academy looks forward to welcoming:

PhD student Home institution Australian host researcher Host institution
Ana Paula Freire São Paulo State University Associate Professor Mark Elkins The George Institute for Global Health
João Gabriel Motta University of Campinas Professor Peter Betts Monash University
Junia Schultz Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Dr Paul Dennis University of Queensland
Leiliane Zeferino Federal University of Viçosa Professor Richard Bell Murdoch University
Maria Clara Cavalcanti Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte Dr Nadine Marshall CSIRO
Mateus Gianni Fonseca University of Brasilia Professor Martin Westwell Flinders University

The Academy is grateful for the support it receives for both programs from the Australian Government Department of Education and Training and Australian embassies in Washington DC and Brazil.

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