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Marking 25 years

Ms Nancy Pritchard recently celebrated 25 years at the Academy.

Ms Nancy Pritchard recently celebrated 25 years of service at the Academy. Nancy initially worked with the Australian Foundation for Science, the then fundraising arm of the Academy. She also worked in the Academy’s publications section on a book for senior secondary students called ‘Environmental Science’, followed by the primary school project Primary Investigations. 

Nancy became manager of the Academy's international section in 2000 and continues in that role promoting Australia’s international scientific engagement. She also oversees the work of the National Committees for Science and the Academy’s Awards.

Nancy is well known by Academy staff, Fellows and Australian and international partners for her commitment, professionalism and delightful personality. We thank her for her service over many years and look forward to her continuing contributions.

Management changes

There have been some recent staffing changes at the Academy. Mr Ben Patterson has moved from Business Manager to lead the Academy’s Primary Connections program, with Mr David Perceval joining the organisation as the new Business Manager. Dr Melanie Bagg has been appointed as Director Communications and Outreach. The Academy welcomes the new senior leaders.

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