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The International Council for Science (ICSU) is a non-government organisation with a global membership of 48 international scientific unions and interdisciplinary science bodies. These organisations convene scientists within and across the disciplines to coordinate research and address issues of global significance. The Academy is Australia’s adhering body for ICSU and 31 ICSU organisations and meets responsibilities and obligations that arise from the ICSU memberships with the assistance of the National Committees for Science.

2017 ICSU General Assembly

The 32nd ICSU General Assembly will be hosted by the Academy of Sciences located in Taipei. Australia will be formally represented by the President of the Academy, Professor Andrew Holmes AC PresAA FRS FTSE, and the Foreign Secretary, Professor Cheryl Praeger FAA.

A proposal to merge ICSU with the International Social Science Council (ISSC) was approved in principle at an extraordinary General Assembly in Oslo in October 2016. A Transition Task Force is developing detailed transition plans, which will be put to a vote during the general assembly. If endorsed, the transition will be implemented and overseen by the ISSC and ICSU executives, with a founding General Assembly of the new organisation tentatively planned for October 2018. Background documents on the merger are available on ICSU’s website.

2017 general assemblies of ICSU unions

Meeting City Date
38th Session of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee Paris 3-7 April 2017
49th IUPAC General Assembly Sao Paulo 7-14 July 2017
19th IUPAB congress and 11th EBSA congress Edinburgh 16-20 July 2017
IUMS 2017 Congresses Singapore 17-21 July 2017
25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology Rio de Janeiro 23-29 July 2017
XXXVIII IUPS Congress Rio de Janeiro 1-5 August 2017
24th Congress of the ICO Tokyo 21-25 August 2017
XXXIInd URSI General Assembly & Scientific Symposium Montreal 19-26 August 2017
XXIV Congress & General Assembly Hyderabad 21-28 August 2017
21st International Congress of Nutrition Buenos Aires 15-20 October 2017
29th IUPAP General Assembly TBA November

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