Nova reaches 100 topic milestone

Satisfy your curiosity about science at Nova. Photo: G Rakozy/Unsplash

The Academy’s explainer website, Nova: science for curious minds, recently reached a milestone when it published its 100th topic. The range of subjects covered by the website is enormous: from virtual reality to bushfires and from blood types to black holes. Topics are written in plain English and reviewed by experts in their fields; it’s a great resource for people from all backgrounds and attracts many overseas readers as well as Australians—all who are curious to know more about the world around them.

Following a generous donation from Telstra the Academy relaunched Nova in 2015 and the website has gone from strength to strength. It’s most-read topic tracks the chemistry of cosmetics, followed by several topics relating to climate change and population. A topic on blood types experienced a huge spike of interest recently following the Red Cross Blood Service promoting it on social media.

Jump on to Nova and have a look—you’re sure to find plenty of fascinating content to satisfy your curiosity about science. If you have suggestions for topics or would like to join Nova’s distinguished group of topic reviewers, send an email to

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