Origins of the galaxy illuminated at the Shine Dome

A conference on the origins of the galaxy and its stellar content late in 2016 saw Australian and international scientists share their latest research.

The Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference on Galactic Archaeology and Stellar Physics presented new datasets on the positions, colours, motions and chemical compositions for hundreds of thousands of stars, including first results from Australia’s very own SkyMapper and GALAH Surveys, giving astronomers never before seen details of the stellar content of the Milky Way. With this newly available information, astronomers can now 'chemically tag' stars to identify where they were born.

With the generous support of the late Lady White MBBS and the late Sir Frederick White FAA FRS, the Academy manages a series of research conferences in the physical and mathematical sciences related to the solid Earth, the terrestrial oceans, Earth's atmosphere, solar-terrestrial science, space sciences and astronomy. Expressions of intent for 2018–19 conferences are now open.

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