Australian Academy of Science Newsletter 130

Message from the Chief Executive

August has seen progress on many fronts, particularly making science accessible to all, Indigenous reconciliation, and women in STEM.

Leading scientists say fears about GM products are unjustified

This Q&A will help people understand the scientific evidence on genetic modification.

New database to boost the visibility of women in STEM

Find out how STEM Women links a diverse range of women with opportunities to progress their careers and personal capabilities.

Become a Women in STEM Decadal Plan Champion

Champions align their gender equity activities to the six opportunities in the decadal plan and publish their progress online.

Academy launches vision for reconciliation

The Academy’s Reconciliation Action Plan outlines the practical steps it will take to support positive change.

National Science Week shows that science is for everyone

What do patting a Thylacene, life-changing science, bees’ eyes and a Spinosaurus have in common?

Academy Fellow recognised for gender equality leadership

Professor Tanya Monro is the South Australian recipient of the 2019 Australian Award for Excellence in Women’s Leadership.

Lemberg and Caughley travelling fellowships awarded

Travelling fellowships will support two outstanding scientists to exchange scientific ideas in Australia and internationally.

scienceXart competition uncovers emerging talent

The winners of scienceXart earn a visit to top science destinations in Canberra following their creative and diverse entries.

Medical science scholarship supports research on Indigenous health

Funding received by Matthew Hare will help to address the growing burden of diabetes, particularly among Aboriginal Australians.

Professor Praeger to champion global freedom and responsibility in science

Academy welcomes Australia–Americas PhD research interns

Opportunities for scientists

  • Visit to the National Institutes of Health in the USA by a junior scientist
  • The Abel Prize
  • CSIRO Indigenous STEM Awards
  • Balliet Latour Health Prize

Fellows update

  • Honours and awards to Fellows

Adults-only science Questacon will come alive for a special adults-only night of science, 2 September, Canberra

Falling Walls Lab Australia Three minutes that could change the world, 3 September, Canberra

Australian Space Research Conference For space scientists, engineers, educators, and workers in industry, government and NGOs, 30 September – 2 October, Adelaide

Evolutionary transformations in vertebrate history Boden research Conference, 2–4 October, Melbourne

Envisioning the future of farming Changing lives with science speaker series, 15 October, Canberra

Catalysing change: moving towards a circular economy For leaders in science, economics, entrepreneurship, government, industry and consumers to meet with young researchers (by application only), 19–20 November, Canberra

Honorary editor: Professor Yuri Estrin FAA

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