Opportunities for scientists—August 2020

August 31, 2020

Academy opportunity

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellowships

The JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Foreign Researchers provides fellowships for Australian postdoctoral researchers to conduct, under the guidance of their Japanese hosts, cooperative research with leading research groups in universities and other Japanese institutions. Applications open on 31 August for 12- to 24-month fellowships to Japan, commencing between 1 April and 30 November 2021.

More information on the JSPS fellowships

Applications close 9 November 2020

External opportunity

Australian Geoscience Council Indigenous Scholarship

The Australian Geoscience Council (AGC) Indigenous Scholarship aims to assist Indigenous undergraduate students with costs associated with their study at university. The scholarship comprises a payment of $5000 per year, direct to the scholarship holder, until the completion of the degree and to a maximum of three years.

More information on the AGC Indigenous Scholarship

Applications close 30 September 2020

External awards

Abel Prize

The Abel Prize recognizes outstanding scientific work in the field of mathematics, including mathematical aspects of computer science, mathematical physics, probability, numerical analysis and scientific computing, statistics, and also applications of mathematics in the sciences—US$1 million.

More information on the Abel Prize

Applications close 15 September 2020

Lurie Prize in the Biomedical Sciences

Recognises outstanding achievements by young biomedical research scientists—US$100,000.

More information on the Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences

Applications close 16 September 2020

Wolf Prize

Nomination to the Wolf Prize is by invitation only. Awarded to outstanding scientists for their achievements for the benefit of mankind in the following fields in 2021: chemistry, physics and medicine—US$100,000 in each prize area.

More information on the Wolf Prize

Applications close 30 September 2020

Canada Gairdner International Awards

The Canada Gairdner International Award recognises outstanding researchers whose unique scientific contributions have increased the understanding of human biology and disease and contributed to the relief of human suffering—C$100,000.

More information on the Canada Gairdner International Awards

Applications close 1 October 2020

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