Brain Box scientist studies ‘whole universe’

Professor Tamara Davis

An expert in astrophysics and cosmology, Professor Tamara Davis, is the subject of the Academy’s latest Brain Box podcast. Professor Davis, who also won this year’s Nancy Millis Medal for Women in Science, is trying to better understand the nature of dark matter and dark energy.

‘I study the whole universe and use the natural experiments that the universe puts on for us—exploding stars, galaxies structure formation—to try and understand the laws of physics as they work here on earth.

‘As a kid, I remember watching Halley’s comet, I remember watching the space shuttles and exploring space. I really wanted to be an astronaut [but] I think astrophysicist might actually even be better.’

The Brain Box series is designed to let people get to know the minds behind the science. It is available on the Academy’s website, YouTube and iTunes.

Newsletter number 101 September 2015

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